Scale Model Challenge 2014 - Part 2

Ein paar Tage sind ins Land gezogen ich konnte die ganzen Eindrücke der SMC wirken lassen. Es war wieder toll. Die SMC ist eine geniale Veranstaltung, es wird einem massig viel geboten, seien es die Mini Workshops die es dieses Jahr zum ersten mal gab oder die Demons der verschiedenen Künstler.

Ebenso total spannend und Informativ sind die Stände der Clubs und Vereine, hier gab es wieder einiges zu sehen. Zum zweiten mal gab es auch dieses Jahr wieder die Tabletopecke, hier wurde z.B. Warhammer 40.000 gespielt.

Aber der Blickfang der Haupthalle war wohl das große Diorama des Schloss Clervaux (Luxemburg) während der schweren Kämpfe des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Dies war die letzte Show auf der es ausgestellt wurde, es wird in Zukunft dann in einem Museum zu sehen sein.

Direkt daneben quasi im Mittelpunkt der Clubs und Vereinsarea lag dann die "Affen"insel *g*. Hier hatten die Jungs und Mädels von MASSIVE VOODOO Ihr Plätzchen eingerichtet.

Auch sehr cool war der Stand von Scar´s Miniature Madness einem Bemalservice für Tabletop-Spieler direkt daneben.

Auf der anderen Seite der Halle waren dann all die tollen Stände der Händler die einzig und allein mit Ihrem breitgefächertem Sortiment unser "bestes" wollten ;-)

Dann der letzte und wie immer beeindruckenste Bereich, der Wettbewerbsbereich. Hunderte von Miniaturen und Modellen aus diversen Epochen und Themengebieten auf höchstem Niveau gebaut und bemalt, eine Augenweide wohin man auch schaut.

Viele weitere Bilder findet ihr auf unserer Facebook Seite.

Die Organisation ist in allen belangen 1A, es wird sich super um einem gekümmert es finden sich immer Ansprechpartner und alle sind sehr freundlich. Nach der SMC ist bekanntlich vor SMC und so freue ich mich schon sehr auf 2015.

Welcome to dieVincis :)

Hallo Freunde,

Hey Guys,

wie Sonntag bereits angekündigt möchten wir Euch nun die grossartigen 3 neuen Mitglieder in unserem "die Vincis" Team vorstellen!

As we promised on sunday we want to introduce you the 3 new awesome guys in our small dieVincis Team! 

We decided that our Team should grow a little bit, new inspiration, new faces and I hope a big motivation pump for all of us :).

We already know the three guys for a while so it didn’t take a long time for the decision :). Two of the NEW Vincis you will know as Thomas Wasch aka DarkKnight and Daniel Liefer Solmar. Both of them had their own small Blog darkknight1980.blogspot.com and pinselwut.blogspot.com. The third NEW Vinci is Jens Rosenbaum aka Didgman.

Schon seit einer Weile suchen wir nach Verstärkung für unseren kleinen Blog und da lag es auf der Hand Freunde zu fragen, die wir übers Hobby in den letzen Jahren kennen gelernt haben. So fiel uns die Entscheidung leicht Thomas aka Dark Knight, Daniel aka Solmar und Jens zu fragen ob sie zukünftig auch hier als die Vincis zu unserer und eurer Inspiration beitragen wollen.

Thomas is like a figure printing machine! If you see a WIP picture of one of his figures you can be sure that you will see a finished version a few hours or days later. Absolutely outstanding painting skills and speed RESPECT! 

…könnte man schon fast als Mal-Maschiene bezeichnen. Am einen Tag sieht man sich noch WIP Bilder an, am nächsten kann man schon die fertige Miniatur bewundern - zumindest schaut das so aus. Herausragendes malerisches Geschick gepaart mit Geschwindigkeit RESPEKT!

Daniel is a NMM and Freehand specialist, he also really knows how to work with the colors and contrast and so his works always have a great story and lovely atmosphere.

…ist  NMM Effekte Spezialist und hat dazu noch die beneidenswerte Geduld Freehands zu zaubern. Er  hat scheinbar ein natürliches Gespür für Farbe und Kontrast, so das seine Arbeiten jedes Mal eine starke Geschichte erzählen und wunderbare Atmosphäre haben.

Jens is our Newcomer, but the potential is just awesome! He is painting on higher level since beginning of 2014 and this year he won his first medals. We are curious to see his next works in the next years!

…ist der "Neuling" im Show-Maler-Hobby, doch hat er unglaublich Potential! Seit er Anfang des Jahres auf einem Malworkshop war, hat er sich kontinuierlich gesteigert und jüngst auf der SMC seine ersten Medaillen gewonnen. Auf die Arbeiten, die wir in den nächsten Jahren von ihm sehen werden, sind wir schon sehr gespannt.

Ok some small words to these three guys. Their complete introduction posts you can read here :)

Dies sollte nur eine kleine Vorstellung der Drei sein. In ihren Worten könnt ihr das ausführlicher auch noch unter folgenden Links lesen.

Bleibt noch ein herzliches...

Soooo welcome on board :D from all other Vincis!!!

die Vincis

Who is... "Thomas aka Dark Knight"

Hello Followers 

Here is a little introduction to the person or maybe the artist DarkKnight.
I am a new member of the great da Vincis. Really proud to getting a member of this crew.

Ok so now let´s start.

My name is Thomas and i´m 34 years old. Since 2005 i´m married with the greatest wife on earth and my daughter was born in 2007. 
We live in a small town in the south of cologne /germany. When i´m not working on my projects i fill my freetime with family, mountainbiking, soccer, World of Warcraft and many other stuff.
I have started with the miniature hobby back in 2009. Some years before i tried to paint some miniatures for gaming, but the motivation gets lost very fast. After searching for a new hobby i came back to 
it and visiting one of Roman Lappats beginner classes. I think it was his first or second workshop. That was the point when the hobby hits my heart. I found so much fun in it. Painting miniatures and meeting people.
For me the best part of the miniature hobby is the community. I have met so much nice people. Some of them are good friends now. 
If i can i spend a lot of time with painting. I would say almost 3 hours a day. Ok, not every day cause there is job and a family that needs my attention too but i try to paint every day to stay in " shape " :-)
Mostly i paint fantasy miniatures but sometimes there is a Sci -Fi or a historical mini that i also wants to paint. The level of painting is usually showcase but sometimes i paint a miniatures just for relaxing in a upper gaming level.

Motivation and inspiration for me comes from different things. It could be a movie, a drawing or even a book. Meeting up with some painting friends or shows are always very motivating. You get an idea and chat about it with friends. I think you can be inspired in so many ways....just listen to your inner voice and than do it.

So, thats it so far. I hope we will have a much fun together here on the blog. 



Gallerien von Thomas

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on Coolminiornot


Who is... "Daniel aka Solmar"?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

For some of you these words may sound familiar as this is the everytime opening of my posts on my blog „Pinselwut“. But now you read them here at Die Vincis? Don´t panic, your mind is perfectly fine. I was given the great opportunity to join the wonderful people of Die Vincis along with Thomas Wasch and Jens Rosenbaum.

So for for you, who already know me: I will continue blogging here and i am very motivated and already have some cool ideas for nice content. If you dont know who the heck i am, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Daniel, i am 27 jears old and i live with my wonderful family in Hannover, Germany. I am working as a media designer for one of the world´s largest touristic groups. When i am not painting i am enjoying the time with my wife and son, playing computer games (mostly Blizzard stuff like World of Warcraft or recently Diablo 3), watching good movies and shows and spending time with friends.

I can not really say when i started with the hobby, but specific hobby nichés. As a kid i did a LOT of scale modelling with my father and with the age of 10 or 11 i firstly played a tabletop game. Painting the armies was the most crucial part for me since the beginning. 4 years ago i found Cool Mini or Not, was insanely inspired and started to paint in a better quality. Since then i had neither diluted nor mixed my paints.

I love doing display models but i want to build up an army in the near future for a tabletop game. Here and there i also will do some scale modelling. But most projects will be display miniatures. :)
If i had to think of my favourite mini of myself , it would mostly be "the recent one". But i have also a lot of projects tied to wonderful memorys. Wether it is my first Land Raider i started display painting with, the demonette i did on Roman Lappat´s workshop, the Standard Bearer because he is crazy, Dinosaurs because i love them or my barbarian because BARBARIAN!

I try to get my inspiration out of everything i do. Movies, magazines, books, my job, other painters works, traditional arts and (most important) from the things i see in every day´s real life. Keep your eyes open. :)

This shall be a little introduction of myself. If you ever have a question, don´t hesitate to cantact me. :)

Regards, Solmar

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Who is... "Jens aka Didgman"?

Hello out there

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jens aka Didgman and I am one out of the three very new Vinci`s.
I got invited by the vinci`s after an awesome weekend at the SMC where I also met the other two new Vinci`s Daniel aka Solmar and Thomas aka DarkKnight.

I am now 34 years old, and I am a newcomer to the hobby I started 2011 after I remembered what kind of fun it had been to build up airplane modells. So you guys see that it is  a kind of a midlife crisis I stepped into cause thinking of good old times and trying to bring the good old childhood back :)
But let us come back to the point, I started with a GW starterbox and begun to build up a Space Marine Army , really from the start of it , my main intrest had been to build and paint up these guys.  I also did a bunch of games which had been real fun but I spent more time to force my skills in painting then reading rules.
 First I watched  different painting videos on youtube and tried to get better to reach a good tabletop standard.
But after a I visited  the workshop in Blumberg  these year 2014 at MV Jar`s beginner where I also met some of the Vinci`s, the focus now is mainly on painting up miniatures and bring them to a showcase level.
The Motivation curve after I meet the guys of  Massive Voodoo rised up realy high  ,so I did another awesome Workshop at Blumberg with Fernando Ruiz. and last but not least I went to Augsburg to do MV Jar`s basing Workshop.

Now I force myself to get better every project, so if you will follow my posts in the future you gonna see hopefully some progress in what I did and what I will do.
I am still far away from being a good painter but I wanna invite you to attend me on this journey to get better.

Here you see some of the work which I did so far, and you will see some bad mold lines, beautifull drybrushed modells and high end edge highlighted once :-)

 Space Marines outer Space
            from 2011 to 2014

Steel Legion of Armageddon
                 from 2013

Jar`s beginnerworkshop


Thanks for your interest and as you hopefully see  there is an improvement in quality of the miniatures .

If you can`t

Feel free to comment and make me cry

Gallerien von Jens

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